Famkje Elgersma

No text should follow here, but at least pictures or actions, because in principle this is a plea to artistically designed communication.

Art and design is a unique and incredibly valuable form of expression and communication.
Every medium, every kind of artistic expression, be it through an installation, an object, a play, an action concept, etc. has, in my opinion, the potential to reach people. It is a form of communication that connects, points out, provokes, questions and empowers.
I have the desire and hope to shape political, scientific and social issues. There are so many “artificial” boundaries, abstract discussions and opaque processes that are worth pointing out in order to reshape them if needed.
I would like to see transparency, the possibility to recognise and empower oneself.

This is where I believe in the magic of artists and designers. Understanding by designing the (scientific) knowledge and (political) discussions that are kept so abstract.
Using the power of reaching people through emotions and senses, integrating them all equally and making the world a home designed together.


Since 2017 | | Integrated Design studies
2019 | | exchange | Time based Design studies
2015–2019 | | Basic education in theatre pedagogy | Theater Tempus fugit
2015 | | graduated from school


Lives in
1996 | Born in

Photo by: Laura Peral

Cyrus Karibu: Slay Queen (2018).
Photo: SMAC Gallery.

Online | 27 January to 28 February 2021 | Free Access


Exhibition | Artists | Program
Presenting artists an curators working with e-waste as artistic material.

An TASAWAR Project.