Famkje Elgersma

Famkje Elgersma is a design student and curator in training.

For me art and design is a form of communication, of expression, it is a tool to draw attention to things. I like to use thoughts and ideas to connect.
AAfter two years of intensive theater work I started my design studies with the feeling that I can only turn to the one if I turn away from the other. But why should I sort, build walls and work within defined boundaries when I have the possibility to use what is there. The world has enough boundaries, why should I make it difficult for myself to work artistically by limiting that as well. The thoughts are free, the ideas are rich, everywhere people who want to express themselves and seek exchange. A good basis to let arise.


Since 2017 | | Integrated Design studies
2019 | | exchange | Time based Design studies
2015 | | graduated from school


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1996 | Born in

Photo by: Laura Peral