2020 – 2021

ON | OFF will be the first exhibition project

TASAWAR Curatorial Studios [2] is processing the first online exhibition project. It allows the international team to work collectively on a project while we are still coping with the contact and travel restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic.


For the first artists’ talks, we met with Hela Ammar and Thameur Mejri.

STARTING in times of the Corona-pandemic

TASAWAR Curatorial Studios [2] started to work as a hybrid project. The TASAWAR Core Studios take place online, the module MOVING BETWEEN LANGUAGES exploring the Tunisian Dialect (“Derja”) for the contexts of art takes place onsite and online, as well as meetings and workshops with local artists and experts. Shared exhibition visits and the TASAWAR Brunch are opportunities for onsite encounters in small groups.


Thank you for all the interest and the applications, the list of the participants of the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios, 2nd Edition (2020-2021), is out: Alexia Alexandropoulou, Sara Alhindi, Chourouk Amouri, Rania Atef, Safa Attyaoui, Ines Baccouche, Mohsen Bchir, Nejma Ben Boubaker, Syrine Bettaleb Ali, Sara Mari Blom, Samira Bouabana, Houari Bouchenak, Amal Bouzid, Salsabil Chellali, Hela Djebbi, Mouna Djebbi, Nesrine Elamine, Famkje Elgersma, Mohammed Oussama Houij, Kenza Jemali, Nadia Jmal, Zeineb Kaabi, Farouk Kamoun, Elham Khattab, Nadia Mounier, Daniela Nofal, Abdo Shanan, Pia Stengl, Florence Vieira, Huda Zikri are granted participation to the program. The 2nd is a transnational collective with participants mainly from Tunisia, but as well with some from Algeria, Egypt, France, Germany, Syria.

A true and warm thank you to the entire jury, including Imen Bahri, Aymen Gharbi, and Salma Kossemtini, along with Emily Sarsam, the responsible coordinator from the GOETHE-INSTITUT, and Bettina Pelz, the director of the program.


TASAWAR Curatorial Studios is an art-in-context study program, open to students and to professionals of all ages that wish to improve their knowledge and competencies on curatorial acting in art and other contexts.

The second edition of the TASAWAR Curatorial Studios will run from September 2020 to September 2021. It is open for applications now. An online info session will take place on 24 July 2020, at 2.00 pm. Applications can be submitted until 15 August 2020. Interviews will be done in August.

We are looking for artists and creatives, designers and exhibition makers, for sociocultural workers and sociopolitical activists. We are interested in students and professionals of cultural, mind- and social sciences who want to include contemporary art in their projects. We like to work with architects and urban planners in the transdisciplinary learning community as well as with students and professionals dedicated to cultural heritage. Throughout the entire program, we will foster a poly-perspective approach to contemporary art.

The study program is directed by the internationally active curator Bettina Pelz. The focus of her curatorial practice has been on art-in-context projects for the last 20 years. Since 2014, she has been involved in several contemporary art projects in Tunisia, currently, she is directing INTERFERENCE International Light Project in tandem with Aymen Gharbi, taking place in the Medina of Tunis. In addition, there will be experts from the African continent, the MENA region, and from around the world contributing to the program. Emily Sarsam has been the initiator and the coordinator on behalf of the GOETHE-INSTITUT Tunesien.


TASAWAR Curatorial Studios are free of an attendance fee but we expect you to assist in organization, communication and documentation of the program. As well you will need to fund yourself for extra-ordinary but mandatory activities like excursions and curatorial fields of practice.


The studios are joint study times, some of them will take place in different cultural institutions and contexts in Tunis, some of them will take place online. We will share the program during the info session.

It is a program that throughout the year needs continuously needs two to three days per week to join the studios, to organize co-working groups, and to do self-guided research and learning units.


24 July 2020 // 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm // ZOOM

Please send an email to Emily Sarsam, if you want to join.

July 24 to August 14, 2020


August 2020



Please send us your info via email. Make sure that you include your email, mobile phone and Whatsapp number so that we can contact you. Please check the following list and make sure that you provide answers to all aspects. There is no form provided.

1 // To understand your background
Please send a CV with focus on your art, cultural and community activities.

2 // To understand the way you have been working
We will be happy to receive documentation on a social or cultural project you have done or participated in, but this is not a must.

3 // To understand your interest
Please write a text that explains how this study program will support your process of professionalizing or improve your ongoing practice.

4 // To understand your strong points
To include your knowledge, competencies and experiences in the TASAWAR learning and research community, please share with us what you could contribute.

5 // To be sure about your language skills
All classes will be in English and you need to be able to follow and to express yourself in English, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Please tell us, if you are comfortable reading, talking and writing in English.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

Emily Sarsam, Bettina Pelz

Cyrus Karibu: Slay Queen (2018).
Photo: SMAC Gallery.

Online | 27 January to 28 February 2021 | Free Access


Exhibition | Artists | Program
Presenting artists an curators working with e-waste as artistic material.

An TASAWAR Project.