Amal Bouzid


Amal Bouzid is a fresh architecture graduate. Her main focus is the appropriation of the urban and the social space by the public in general and by artists in particular in Tunis. This interest was sparked when she participated as a volunteer in the CHOUFTOUHONNA feminist art festival in 2017. She carried on, pursuing this interest on an academic level through her thesis.

In the recent years , she’s been experimenting with painting, mostly acrylic on canvas.  She’s continuosly inspired by young contemporary painters on social media and by sceneries of everyday life.

For the year 2020-2021,  she’s a participant in the TASAWAR curatorial studios and an art mediator in the young masters’ program within INTERFERENCE, the international light art project.


2013-2020 | National school of Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis.

Summer 2017 |  Saint Mary’s college, Indiana, USA  | SUSI on women’s leadership


Since 2013  | Based in Tunis

1994  |  Born in Sfax

Cyrus Karibu: Slay Queen (2018).
Photo: SMAC Gallery.

Online | 27 January to 28 February 2021 | Free Access


Exhibition | Artists | Program
Presenting artists an curators working with e-waste as artistic material.

An TASAWAR Project.