Abdel Abidin

Photography, Sculpture, Installation

Photography, Video, Sound

Adel Abidin is an Iraqi artist living between Helsinki and Amman, working with Photography, sculpture, and installation. As an artist, he focuses on Video, sound, and photography. His practices are inspired by his cross-cultural background to explore the complex relationship between visual art and politics & identity.

Adel Abidin became one of the well known established middle eastern artists of video and sculpture installation in the last thirteen years.
Since his representation of Finland at the Nordic Pavilion in the 52nd Venice Biennale 2007, his work has been the subject of major exhibitions worldwide among its MOMA in New York City and Transmediale in Berlin.

“My main point of departure is always linked to my intention to explore the complex relationship between visual art and politics & identity. Using a sharp palette of irony and humor I find myself gravitated towards different social situations dealing with elusive experiences and cultural alienation.”
Adel Abidin Website: Biography: 9 October 2020

Lives between Helsinki, Finland, and Amman, Jordan
Growing up in Baghdad, Iraq.
1973 I Born in Baghdad.

2005 I Helsinki, Finland I Academy of Fine Arts MFA.
2000 I Baghdad, Iraq I Academy of Fine Arts BA.

2020 I Valencia, Spain I IVAM – Institut Valencià d’Art Modern.
2019 I Seoul, South Korea I Seoul Museum of Art.
2017 I Moscow, Russia I The 7th Moscow Biennale.
2015 I Toronto, Canada I Aga Khan Museum.
2014 I South Korea I The Gwangju Museum of Art.
2014 I New York, USA I New Museum.
2012 I Paris, France I Arab World Institute.
2011 I Amman, Jordan I Darat al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation I Solo exhibition.
2010 I Doha, Qatar I Mathaf – Arab Museum of Modern Art.
2009 I Utrecht, The Netherlands I Impakt Festival.
2008 I New York, USA I MoMA, Museum of Modern Art I Screening.
2008 I Helsinki, Finland I MUU, Media Art Association Gallery I Solo Exhibition.
2007 I Chicago, USA I The University of Chicago.
2007 I Venice, Italy I 52nd Venice Biennale, Nordic Pavilion
And more

2015 I Helsinki, Finland I Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education I The Finland Prize for Visual Arts.
2005 I Slovenia I LUKSUZ film festival, Audience award.
2002 I Baghdad, Iraq I Contest of Young Iraqi Artists/Painters, First Prize.
1999 I Baghdad, Iraq I Contest of new Iraqi Sculpture, Third Prize.
And more grants.

Cyrus Karibu: Slay Queen (2018).
Photo: SMAC Gallery.

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