Tom Deininger


Installations, Paintings


Waste “all types of waste”

Guiding Interest

Visual illusion , social issuses

Deiniger, is widely known as the artist who turns junk into fine art installations. He has produced museum scale installations which are collected by corporations and high profile collectors worldwide. He says that he approches both bodies of work with a “more than nature has to offer” mentality, and it shows in his art. He like to appropriate objects to serve a different function than the one of it’s intended use. And this process of reapropriation is the result of a child who never enjoyed playing with toys but used them as catalyst for a creative endeavor.


“I find almost everything visually stimulating from NASCAR smash ups to Hubble images and shit just lying around the streets. When it comes down to it I am a real visual slut. I try to look at everything and try not to judge beauty with a hierarchy of value or the source from which it is derived. It’s almost a Buddhist concept”(interactive blend , 2009)


Born in 1970 in Boston, MA, Thomas Deininger is an artist receiving considerable attention as contemporary artist and environmentalist. Deininger, who is a highly regarded and collected fine art painter, credits his success on canvas is a direct result (and linked to) his background in abstract art.


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2021| eARTh-artisits as activits | Southhampton Art Center

2019| Custom sustainable showroom

2018| How’s your weather?| Grimshaw Gudwezicz Art Gallery

2014| Rain Scanning| Vom Vessem Gallery

2011| Bristol Art Museum