Louis Henderson

Louis Henderson

Louis Henderson. Luisa Civardi, Milano Film Festival. URL: [Accessed on 4 December 2020].





Louis Henderson is an artist and filmmaker whose research based practice takes on an archaeological approach to filmmaking, unearthing the multitude of layers that underlie an image. Henderson’s research interests are concerned with understanding the current global condition and how it has been shaped by capitalism, history, technology and colonialism. His critical documentary-fiction films call forth new ways of engaging with subject matter, allowing for new forms and understandings to emerge.


“I was born in the cinema but started making films through the library. Now I have learned to sculpt films from clay and water – I have not yet reached marble, as I prefer to dirty my hands in the mud.”
Louis Henderson. On: Vimeo. URL: [Accessed on 24 November 2020].

” I never write scripts, but rather notes and ideas, and then I look for material and locations that will have a historical resonance and attachment to the topic, this usually takes place in an archive and on the Internet, this may then lead to visiting these locations as a kind of topographic study. Then the gathering of material happens, either with a camera, a sound recorder, screen capturing software, a youtube downloading website, 3D image generating software etc. Then editing/collaging/moulding, and then finally writing. I write my films in the stages of post-production. The pattern could be: “…first, there is the idea, then there is the matter, and then the form…””
Louis Henderson. On: Video Data Bank. August 2015. URL: [Accessed on 24 November 2020].


2007 | | London College of Communication
2013 | | Le Fresnoy – Studio National des Arts Contemporains


He is a member of the artist group The Living and the Dead Ensemble.


2020 | | Berlin International Film Festival
2019 | | Transmediale
2018 | | Home
2017 | | Rotterdam International Film Festival (2018, 2011)
2017 | | Gasworks
2017 | | Contour Biennale 8
2016 | | Tate Britain
2015 | Kiev.ur | Kiev Biennial
2015 | New | New York Film Festival


2020 | Overtures
2018 | Sunstone
2016 | The Sea is History
2015 | Black Code / Code Noir
2014 | All That is Solid
2013 | Lettres du Voyant
2012 | Logical Revolts
2011 | Capital
2010 | A Walk With Nigel


2016 | Contour Biennale | Hearings


2015 | Barbara Aronofsky Prize
2015 | Best European Short Film at the International Film Festival T-Mobile New Horizons in Wroclaw, Poland.


Lives in France.
1983 | Born in


Louis Henderson’s Vimeo page
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Louis Henderson: All That is Solid. On: Spectre. URL: [Accessed on 24 November 2020].


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