Katherine Behar

Katherine Behar is an interdisciplinary artist and critical theorist of new media whose works exploring gender and labor in contemporary digital culture have appeared throughout North America and Europe. She is known for projects that mix low and high technologies to create hybrid forms that are by turns humorous and sensuous.

Lives in USA

Art Forms: Installation, Video, Writing

Mediums: Machine-made, low and high technology, Data

Katherine Behar is an American Artist,  who approaches the problem of human-machine compatibility with reversed priorities.


“E-Waste” is an exhibition of new sculptures and videos. Combining machine-made, handmade, and organic forms, including a “fossilized” 3D printer, the installation offers a meditation on consumer technology’s environmental impact, digital labor’s perverse acceleration, and big data’s corporeality.

The exhibition includes USB sculptures in her series, E-Waste, a six-channel video installation in her series Modeling Big Data, and a 3D printer installation.