Kader Attia

Kader Attia. Photo by Michael Danner. No date. URL: . Last Accessed: 29/10/2020.

photography, film, collage, installation, objects


photo, film, archives, sculpture, wood, metal, glass


Kader Attia’s research-based practice is concerned with exploring the intricacies and complexities linked with colonial histories and cultural hegemony, memory and identity, as well as notions of repair. His interdisciplinary and intercultural investigations traverse across the occident and the orient, the contemporary and historical, the sociocultural and political. Through his mixed works Attia poetically opens up a space for radical introspection.

Attia’s sense for the urgent need of social and cultural reparations led him to found La Colonie a dynamic space in a neighbourhood in, offering a discursive space that brings individuals together to engage with and learn about theories on decolonisation while addressing issues of race, gender and power in the realm of art and culture.


“I am interested in ways of learning constantly. I’m not talking about knowledge as encyclopaedia – I’m convinced by forms of knowledge that escape academia. I’m talking about modes of thinking and making correlations that are elliptical processes, and that lead you somewhere new.”
Kader Attia: Kader Attia & Ralph Rugoff in Conversation. 2019. URL: Accessed: 26/10/2020.

“From the beginning of the human species, nothing has changed. We are ruled by the same impulse towards survival as any other system of life. From the subatomic scale to the macrogalactic one, everything is an endless repaired system, one that aims at perfection without ever reaching it.”
Kader Attia : Repair: Architecture, Reappropriation, and The Body Repaired. 2013. URL: Accessed: 16/10/2020.


2019 | New | Mirrors of Emotion, Lehmann Maupin
2019 | | Modern Genealogy, Gallery VIPER
2019 | | The Museum of Emotion, Hayward Gallery
2019 | | Kader Attia – 2009:2019 Films, Galerie Krinzinger
2019 | | The Body´s Legacies. The Post-Colonial Body, Galerie Nagel Draxler
2018 | | Roots Also Grow in Concrete, Culturgest Fundação Caixa Geral de Depòsitos
2017 | San | Reflecting Memory, Galleria Continua
2015 | | Ghost, Stiftelsen 3,14
2015 | | Reason’s Oxymorons, Galerie Nagel Draxler
2010 | San | Holy Land, Galleria Continua


2019 | Kader Attia. The Museum Of Emotion, exh. cat., Hayward Gallery Publishing
2018 | Kader Attia: Reason’s Oxymorons’, exh. cat. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
2014 | RepaiR, Blackjack éditions


2018 | Barcelona.sp | Joan Miro Prize, Fundació Joan Miró
2016 | | Prix Marcel Duchamp, Centre Georges Pompidou
2014 | | Kunstpreis Berlin Jubiläumsstiftung 1848/1948, Akademie der Künste
2008 | | Cairo Biennale, Prize of the Biennale


1998 | | Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
1994 | Barcelona.sp | Attended Escola de Artes Applicades ‘La Massana’
1993 | | Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués ‘Duperré’


1970 | Born in
Currently working between and


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Daniela Nofal

Cyrus Karibu: Slay Queen (2018).
Photo: SMAC Gallery.

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