Haribaabu Naatesan





Discarded objects, Computer waste, mobile waste


Haribaabu Naatesan wants the world to realize the amount of junk it creates.

Through his artworks, he provokes people to think about the materials they consume; when they discard a cycle or computer, when they re-decorate their homes, etc.

The ordinariness of his medium – metal scrap and other detritus of consumption – makes messengers out of garbage. It’s a DESIGN in ART form and vice versa. I call it a GREEN DESIGN, because this work of art involves DESIGN – a ‘reprocess’ of the waste materials around us. And an ART – as to sensibly put things into places…to give a meaning to the creation.


I see life in stillness and a beginning in every end”.

Ever wondered what happens to obsolete Walkman’s and obsolete video tapes? To blunt saw blades and to dead cell phones. To ancient floppy discs and fused light bulbs? What happens to what we generally call ‘scrap’? Just because they have out-lived their use, do they deserve to be forgotten away in attics, thrown into bins? Or, just piled up in one corner of a scrap yard?

Science believes “Matter and energy is neither created nor destroyed, it can just change in form”. An unbroken cycle of creation and destruction. And artistic recycling.

Again, this unending cycle is also spiritual in nature – BIRTH and REBIRTH. And so I see life in stillness and a beginning in every end. Whenever I see scrap materials, I see a soul waiting to come to life.I see science merging into art into design into spirituality and “I CREATE”.


2020: Participated in 53nd Annual Exhibition 2020 at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata
2019: 2nd – 30th Nov, Group show at Art Bengaluru, 2019.
2019: January 30th, Solo Exhibition, “Equilibrium – The irreversible” Gallery Art Positive, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, India
2019: January 9th, Participated in 52nd Annual Exhibition 2019 at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata
2017: 10th October, 6th International “FROM WASTE TO ART” Exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016: 1st – 5th October, Participated in “Repercussions” group show, at Durbar Hall, Kochi, Kerala
2016: 9th January, Participated in 49th Annual Exhibition 2016 at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata 

2015: 14th –19th June, 4th International “FROM WASTE TO ART” Exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015: 18th – 25th September “KERALA MUSEUM ART RESIDENCY”, Kochi, Kerala, India
2015: 15th February, Plan India Art Auction for charity, Pune.


Currently lives and works in Mumbai, Maharastra, India.
1976| Born in  Alleppey, Kerala, India


B Sc. in Visual Communication Design from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Chennai.
Post-Graduation in Animation Film Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad.


Viacom 18, Mumbai
Godrej Garden City, Ahmedabad
Think Design Collaborative Delhi, Hyderabad, India.
Matrix Cellular Service Pvt. Ltds, Gurgaon.
Volkswagen, India
Shapoorji Pallonji and Dilip Thacker, Mumbai
Genesis Burson Marsteller Public Relations Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon.
Tamiz Shahar JSC, Baku, Azerbaijan.
BIMA – Bombay Iron Merchant Association, Mumbai Godrej
Garden City, Ahmedabad
State Bank of India, Mumbai





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