Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegarde combines art, design and technology. With his interactive artworks he is improving daily life in urban environments, explore the relation between people, technology and space, spark imagination and fight the climate crisis.

In his current Project “Space Waste Lab” space experts at ESA (the European Space Agency) and Studio Roosegaarde are working together on the vision of reducing and preventing waste in space. Art and design are used as a way of drawing attention and communicating.

I’m a strong believer in cooperation between technologists and artists. We believe in what we do as a service to society, but we are often unable to communicate its worth effectively enough. Artists not only communicate vision and feelings to the public, but help us discover aspects of our work which we are often unable to perceive.

-ESA Director Franco Ongaro

In the Space Waste Lab Performance green LEDs track parts of the real life space waste and make it visible. 
Another idea that has emerged from this artistic-technical cooperation and is to be implemented by 2025 is to transform the waste into artificial shooting stars.
The aim is to make the world a space worth living in, to use what already exists and transform technology with art to visualize the “emotions involved in the struggle to preserve this environment for future generations.” (ESA Director Franco Ongaro)

2007 | he founded Studio Roosegaarde
1979 | born in

2003–2005 | Berlage Institute in, MA
2001–2003 | Academy of Fine Arts in, BA
1997–1999 | Institute for the Arts in, BA

since 2020 | Levenslicht
since 2019 | Space Waste Lab
since 2017 | Glowing Nature
since 2017 | Gates Of Light
2017–2018 | Windvogel
2012–2015 | Smart Highway
2012–2020 | Van Gogh Path

2020 | Gold Award At Future Mars Life Competition
2020 | BUILD Architecture Awards
2019 | Winner Ethics Ethical Award
2019 | Winner Shenzhen Global Design Award
2019 | Winner of World OMOSIROI Award

General information:
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