Akwasi Bediako Afrane: TRONS

“With their proliferation, electronic gadgets have become essential “must-have” prostheses for most humans. As consumers, we accumulate and discard more and more of these technological products in the name of “upgrades.” By refashioning discarded gizmos into TRONS and re-presenting them in an unhinged state of being in relation to the capitalist system, they are offered as a lens through which to critique consumer culture. These TRONS come into existence through a process of augmentation by which I become prosthesis to these gadgets, bringing into question a very important discourse about the paradoxical space of human and machine interaction in a way that disrupts the humanist credo.”, Akwasi Bediako Afrane told Mearg Negusse in a recent interview in 2020.

“I believe the strongest influence can be credited to my community, whereas a child, the very act of mischievousness birthed creativity, manifesting in creations such as tin-can vehicles, spark-plug guns, garden-chafer-box planes, and many other objects. These experiences shaped my interest in the act of creation, while my present artists’ communities in Kumasi have been great in shaping my thoughts and practice through communal interactions.”

Akwasi Bediak Afrane, Finalist for the Henrike Grohs Award 2020 c/o Goethe Institute


2019/2020 |, Bamako Encounters – African Biennale of Photography


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Mearg Negusse: In Conversation with Akwasi Bediako Afrane – Becoming a Prosthesis to TRONS. On: Contemporay&. 4 September 2020.
URL >> 15 October 2020